16 Jul 2020 13:22:19
Very disappointed with last nights bets. One team letting down one of the bets & to be honest they should of won and were there to boost the coupon's odds. Going forward, I'm not going to stress about the picks any longer. Will be back posting winners and can't hide how disappointed I am with my results this week. Will keep researching though and find my best picks.


1) Five- Fold @ 13/2
Man Utd and over 1.5 match goals
Inter Milan and over 1.5 match goals
Real Madrid
St Gallen (Swi) over 2.5 match goals

2) Treble @ 15/4
Barcelona and over 1.5 match goals

1.) 16 Jul 2020
16 Jul 2020 13:46:46
ED046 do not get disheartened you will have both good and bad days hopefully more good at a bigger profit to offset the bad days.
Last night I did my usual BTTS on all 4 EPL games which luckily came up.
In the past I also had one team or horse let my acca down so now I do Lucky 15's for 4 teams and Lucky 31's for 5 which eliminates one team losing your entire winnings.

{Ed046's Note - Timalloy, thank you. I remember you were on here when I started out. Glad you are well. It's betting. Things don't go to plan at times. I beat myself up when I post losing bets. It frustrates me. A good highly tonight with the 13/2 winner. Hope to continue like that. I honestly though the value in the treble was worth a bet and look what happened there. But as I said earlier, going to continue researching and not get down. With coming back on here I gave myself a lot of pressure to produce winners quickly. Some unlucky bets. Going to relax, look things over and do my usual bets. Time of year and behind closed doors does make things harder but go through the stats and the results will come. Great bet on the BTTS by the way!!