09 Nov 2023 06:06:20
Napoli let the parlay down but Copenhagen winning made the day quite profitable.

Europa league parlay
Brighton -1
Leverkusen -1
Villa -1


1.) 09 Nov 2023
09 Nov 2023 10:48:28
Should point out I’m China based so gambling is very limited. Can only bet outright on 1/2 games a day at most and there’s no over under options. Parlays are the main betting option.

Typically 2 leg parlays are where I go heavy or if there’s a game I really like that allows outright.

I’m slightly heavy on Leverkusen -1 and Villa -1 as a 2 leg parlay. My 3-4-5 leg parlays are typically 10-20% in value of my outright/2 leg parlays.