11 Nov 2023 10:40:05
Have a large size on AC Milan and Bayern -3 at 3.1/1.

Some outsiders for the day are

Reims 5/1 or can take +1 at 2.25
I think Luton at 8.5/1 is ridiculous considering United's form, their recent loss and Lutons draw with Liverpool (deserved or not).

As I have for the previous few weeks Juventus 1/0 at 6.5/1 is always value.

Underdog parlay is
Over 50/1. Can take the goal line of Reims +1 Luton +2 for closer to 4.5/1 if so inclined.

1.) 11 Nov 2023
11 Nov 2023 15:54:52
Can write off AC for the rest of the season. What an absolute joke of a team