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06 Dec 2023 23:16:01
Adding Chelsea to the ban list of bets.

Second time this year those prima donas lost me a few bands

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03 Dec 2023 16:31:22
As we're waiting on a parlay for tonight just needing an inter win, I've only put one bet on.

Barca - Athletico draw
Napoli - Inter 1-2

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03 Dec 2023 00:07:28
Not really sure how Leicester got the win but happy to take it and be back amongst the winners.

Also took 2 parlays without Girona -1 so had

@9/1 come in as well as waiting on a second parlay the same as above with Inter Milan playing Napoli tonight for a 22/1 return.

Overall an extremely profitable Saturday night which will come in handy as I'm sure to get rinsed by my wife and daughter come Christmas

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02 Dec 2023 09:34:43
I quite like two games tonight so am going heavy and anchoring them


4.2/1 (heavy)

Leicester -1
Monchengladbach -1
16/1 (light)

Girona -1

Good luck

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25 Nov 2023 00:35:12
Glad football is back hopefully the recent downswing has come to an end and we can fleece the Chinese Sports Lottery.

Still up in the air about City v pool, head says City rout, heart says Liverpool get it done.

Underdog parlay
Liverpool +1
Moncheng +1

I think Villarreal with the change of manager will turn results instantly and at 2.05/1 they are odds hard to ignore. There's big games across the leagues this weekend so hard to find an anchor bet for a parlay and can't bet Villarreal straight out so taking them with some value Wolves to beat Fulham at 2.82/1 for a 5.8/1 parlay.

Will also be taken an Everton Utd draw and Inter to beat Juve (1-2) but structure of parlays not yet sorted out.

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11 Nov 2023 10:40:05
Have a large size on AC Milan and Bayern -3 at 3.1/1.

Some outsiders for the day are

Reims 5/1 or can take +1 at 2.25
I think Luton at 8.5/1 is ridiculous considering United's form, their recent loss and Lutons draw with Liverpool (deserved or not).

As I have for the previous few weeks Juventus 1/0 at 6.5/1 is always value.

Underdog parlay is
Over 50/1. Can take the goal line of Reims +1 Luton +2 for closer to 4.5/1 if so inclined.

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11 Nov 2023 15:54:52
Can write off AC for the rest of the season. What an absolute joke of a team

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09 Nov 2023 06:06:20
Napoli let the parlay down but Copenhagen winning made the day quite profitable.

Europa league parlay
Brighton -1
Leverkusen -1
Villa -1


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09 Nov 2023 10:48:28
Should point out I’m China based so gambling is very limited. Can only bet outright on 1/2 games a day at most and there’s no over under options. Parlays are the main betting option.

Typically 2 leg parlays are where I go heavy or if there’s a game I really like that allows outright.

I’m slightly heavy on Leverkusen -1 and Villa -1 as a 2 leg parlay. My 3-4-5 leg parlays are typically 10-20% in value of my outright/2 leg parlays.

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07 Nov 2023 23:56:14
Can't win them all and we're up pretty big over the last month so no complaints.

Small parlay for today with
Napoli -1
Real Sociedad

Around 14-1

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07 Nov 2023 03:43:11
PSG away to AC above 2/1 seems silly. Have a decent size on them to win at 2.2/1

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04 Nov 2023 14:03:20
RM were kind to us last week and we made a nice bag.

Loaded on Napoli -1 and Bayern -1 at around 5-1 today.

Also have Osasuna, Lille and Napoli -1 for an underdog play. Last weeks 30-1 came so close. This one is 16-1 I believe.

Then have a little parlay with Lille -1, Napoli -1, Bayern, Inter, Villa and Juve at 40-1.

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04 Nov 2023 14:59:07
Lille +1 my apologies

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04 Nov 2023 21:19:23
Our big bet came in easy at 5-1, Osasuna looked good up 2-1 but shat the bed unfortunately for the underdog parlay however our 40-1 shot now needs a Villa and Juve win to cash.

Will likely hedge Juve game but will wait to see how Villa do first

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28 Oct 2023 11:13:52
Real Madrid outright seems easy money

Juve 1-0
Barca v madrid 0-2
Parlay if you're feeling spicy

Underdog parlay

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02 Sep 2023 14:54:21
Chelsea -2
Tottenham outright


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12 Sep 2022 19:39:33
Lewandowski score anytime 11-10
De Bruyne to assist 5-6
Odgarrd to score anytime Az Alkmaar

Good luck everyone

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13 Sep 2022 11:33:16
Odgarrd 11-10

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30 Jul 2022 13:55:36
Sheff Wed

Good luck everyone

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28 May 2022 12:18:41
Bet builder for CLF

Fabinho and carvalha to be carded
Trent to score

Mane, Salah and benzema to have 1 shot on target 4-1 Nap

Good luck everyone

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10 Apr 2022 01:20:31
Liverpool 7/2 with boylesports, absolute steal

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10 Sep 2021 17:34:37
Man city
West Ham
West Bromwich Albion
Leyton Orient

Good luck everyone

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21 Aug 2021 11:13:57
West Bromwich
Forest Green

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12 Jun 2021 11:17:51
Euro 2020 bets and promotions

Skybet are offering £3 free bets for EVERY goal that your selection scores in the quest for the Golden Boot
Harry Kane is 5/1 as is Lukaku 5/1 but the Italian forward Immobile is still available at 12/1 despite already having scored. Sky also pay quarter odds 1234 (remember also for Golden Boot assists count as well so Immobile has 1 goal and 1 assist)

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20 Mar 2021 11:41:18
What a cracking week's coverage on Cheltenham. Great job by my fellow Ed's and some great posts and a really enjoyable week seeing all the interactions.
Couple of bets on the football for me today to try and get back to winning ways:

1) 8/1 five fold

2) 11/ four fold
Bristol C
Sporting Lisbon

3) 15/1 five fold

Good luck with what ever you are backing today.

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08 Mar 2023 01:02:26
Want a genuine tip for Cheltenham?get your missis to do a Yankee every day,and don't try to get her to change her selections.mines does a wee each way bet on the Saturday TV races,and 9 times out of ten can
better me and can occasionally come up with a big outsider.

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