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15 Mar 2024 09:05:09
Slightly better day yesterday with 3 placed horses but still overall disappointing.

Day 4 selections

1:30 Salver (9/1)

2:10 King of kingsfield (5/1) and Afadil (50/1)

2:50 Chigorin (12/1)

4:10 Sine Nomine (10/1)

4:50 Limerick Lace (11/4)

5:30 Waterford Whispers (3/1)

Good luck if anyone having a bet today.

One last mention is L’eau Du Sud (4/1) in the 2:10 for the skeltons who have bagged some decent handicaps this week - could be another plot job but price reflects that

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14 Mar 2024 18:17:34
Had a few good bets up this week so thought I'd post my lucky 63 for tomorrowat Cheltenham.
1.30 kargese
14.10 zental
14.50 chigerin
15.30 lhomme presse
16.10 it's on the line
16.50 alegorie d vassey

I'm going lucky 63 10 p ew £12.60
Don't expect this bet to win just thought I'd pass on my opinions lol. Anyway good luck all

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14 Mar 2024 12:01:02
Going to put up my day 3 selections and the way my form has been at least it will narrow the fields down for anyone having a bet today?‍♂️

All each way

1:30 Ikoro (7/1)

2:10 extra places race so Cuthbert dibble (5/1), Alpesh Amin (33/1) and Praire Dancer (50/1)

2:50 Fugitif (22/1)

3:30 Crambo (7/1)

4:10 In Excelsis Deo (14/1)

5:30 where it all began (7/1)

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14 Mar 2024 12:56:00
I've gone for an each way lucky 15

1330 Iroko
1410 Chantry House
1450 Banbridge
1530 Home by the Lee

If I've any money left I'll see what to do for the later races haha

As I had a couple of quid left over I put on an each way double on Letsbeclearaboutit and Anna Banina

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13 Mar 2024 11:11:58
Day 2 selections and hard to see passed a lot of the favourites today.

1:30 Ballyburn (4/9). Handstands (12/1ew)

2:10 Fact to File (8/11)

2:50 Built by Ballymore (3/1)

3:30 El Fabiolo (1/3)

4:50 Madara (11/2)

5:30 Cantico (9/1ew)

All these go against my trying to find big priced horses but they all look very good.

However in the 2:50 there are lots of extra places available and it’s a race that usually throws up decent prices winners so have come up with 3 that could be worth a closer look:
De Capo Glory (50/1)
Western Fold (33/1)

Good luck if anyone having a bet today

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11 Mar 2024 23:52:35
Cheltenham is upon us so thought I’d post my each way selections for day 1.

1:30 Mistergif (12/1)
2:10 Matata (18/1)
2:50 Kittys light (40/1)
3:30 Zarak the Brave (25/1)
4:10 Lantry Lady (20/1)
4:50 Karia Des Blaises (16/1) and Teorie (66/1)
5:30 Henry’s friend (18/1)

Good luck to those having a bet at the festival, hopefully we’ll find a few winners between us.

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12 Mar 2024 09:23:24
Been looking for your post Dan. Cheers!

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12 Mar 2024 22:00:20
Bet you wished you’d missed it Henrik!

Couple of placed runners with the extra places on offer but otherwise a rather poor day of selections.

Hopefully improves as the festival goes on?

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13 Mar 2024 05:22:36
I backed the first 4 as a lucky 15 so got my money back at least!

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13 Jan 2024 11:13:39
No tips until Cheltenham

Two months until the Festival what your editor does every year is start to build up my betting pot.
I have 3 online bookmakers I bet with
Skybet, Paddy Power and William Hill
I gradually put some cash in each account, as much as I can afford, for my Cheltenham bets.
I then total up my betting cash and divide it over the 4/5 days of the Festival and add some of winnings to betting pot as well.
I also look for other bookmakers doing offers for Cheltenham and open an new account with one of two offering the best free bets.

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03 Jun 2023 10:53:54

With both The Epsom Derby and then the Manchester Derby

For the Racing Derby I have gone for

Epsom 1.30 White Birch 11/1 (Sky go 5 places)
Epsom 3.20 Mokatil 10/1 (Sky pay 7 places)

Back to The Derby and with Sky going 5 places I have a big each way horse
Adelaide River 50/1

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03 Jun 2023 13:07:47
Went for Military Order in the Derby Ed, got a good bit on to win, good luck to all having a bet today.

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03 Jun 2023 07:13:08
I fancy Democracy Dilemma and Lijou in the Dashes at Epsom today.Holly Doyle has been booked and she is great on front runners in sprints.Democracy Dilemma looks a great price at 16/1 each way I won't be surprised to see her make all.Lijou 12/1 won at the last meeting in April and Hollie might be the difference off a 2lb higher mark.Advise a e/way on each and an each way double.Gamble responsibly now.

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02 Jun 2023 11:11:07
I have a big price horse today

Epsom 4.30 Heartache Tonight 25/1 (go each way with bookmakers paying 4 or more places)

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22 Apr 2023 10:41:25
Scottish Grand National tips

Ayr 3.35 Monbeg Genius 5/1
Ayr 3.35 Empire Steel 25/1
Ayr 3.35 Mighty Thunder 20/1
Skybet pay 7 places Hill go 6 places

Good Luck

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22 Apr 2023 12:35:46
Your own story to win, Famous bridge e.w. for me.

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15 Apr 2023 10:20:14
Grand national today, Delta Work to win, Hill Sixteen e/w at 80/1, good luck to all having a punt today.

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15 Apr 2023 09:45:00
Good Morning Everyone

Today is the BIG ONE
The Grand National

Almost any horse can win this race, depending on ability and a big slice of Luck, your horse could be going great, then horse in front falls and brings your horse down. It all comes down to luck, horses who have been round Aintree before and a good experienced jockey.

In the race at 2.25 (Skybet go 7 places) I have put on
Moon Hunter 18/1 (decent low weight)
Dolphin Square 50/1 (could run into a place)

In the National Itself I am going for

Aintthatashame 9/1 (Rachael Blackmore rides and your editor got 20/1 a couple of days ago)

Le Milos 16/1 (Expecting a good run if keeps out of danger)

Galvin 22/1 (Money coming for this horse, his odds were much bigger last night)
Skybet pay 7 places, Hills and Paddy Power go 6 places

Have a great day

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15 Apr 2023 10:42:58
Cheers Ed, as you say the race is a bit of a lottery and takes considerable luck to win it.

I’ve backed a few

Our Power (25/1)
Roi Mage (40/1)
Dunboyne (66/1)

Good luck with whatever anyone backs in the big one

In the other races:

2:25 Outlaw Peter (12/1) and Bardenstownlad (25/1) look interesting

3:00 Crambo (18/1) may be worth a small each way

4:14 Beauport (6/1) and shortening

Away from aintree

He’s my Shadow (6/1) 4:22 Chepstow looks very interesting, decent trainer, first go in a handicap and significant support overnight having been 11/1.

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14 Apr 2023 09:29:48
I am doing a big each way Patent today with Skybet who are paying extra places

Aintree 2.20 Molly Olly's wishes 25/1 (Seven places with Sky)
Aintree 4.05 Phoenix Way 20/1 (Seven places Sky)
Aintree 5.15 A Different Kind 28/1 (Six places Sky)

An each way Patent is 14 bets in total
With the extra places I am hoping for at least each way returns

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14 Apr 2023 12:45:12
Cheers Ed, Like the idea of doing a big each way bet with big priced runners in extra place races.

Gone for a lucky 15 on bet365

2:20 Jungle Jack 22/1 6 places
2:55 Altobelli 16/1 4 places
4:40 Blekinsopp 22/1 4 places
5:15 Collingham 33/1 5 places

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14 Apr 2023 00:13:02
Each way lucky 15 for day 2 at aintree

2:20 Fennor Cross (9/1)
2:55 Altobelli (11/1)
4:40 Grey Dawning (10/1)
5:15 Parramount (8/1)

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13 Apr 2023 10:51:05
Aintree festival starts today with some decent looking races.

I’ve backed 4 at low odds
1:45 Stage Star (7/4)
2:20 Nusret (13/2)
2:55 Ahoy Senor (11/4)
4:40 Grey Diamond (6/1)

Then I’ve backed 3 eachway at decent odds with extra places available (singles & patent)
4:05 Bennys King (18/1)
4:40 Mackenberg (20/1)
5:15 Alfie’s Princess (33/1)

Good luck if anyone having a bet today

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13 Apr 2023 10:45:24
Aintree begins today, keeping most of my money for Saturday but today I have an each way selection in last race

Aintree 5.15 She's a Fine Wine 18/1 (Skybet paying 5 places)

I hope some of you were on Tiger Run last Saturday which won at 11/1 having been 25/1 earlier, your editor will continue to look out for these type of well backed horses

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08 Apr 2023 09:22:38
At Haydock today in the 3.15 a MAJOR gamble is taking place on horse called Tiger Jet 11/1 (last night was 25/1 so BIG BETS BEING PUT DOWN)
I got 14/1 go with bookmakers paying 5 places or more

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30 Mar 2023 14:45:55
2 Nationals coming up soon and these are the 2 I fancy, neither amazingly original.

Irish national - Angels Dawn (20/1)

Grand National - Our Power (20/1)nrnb as still needs 1 to come out to get a run

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30 Mar 2023 14:44:00
Well got to say whilst Cheltenham had some cracking races it was a bloodbath when it came to tipping.

Having a pop at the Lincoln this Saturday and with several firms already offering 5 places these are 2 I fancy to run well at decent prices.

Empirestateofmind (25/1)

Croupier (20/1)

Good luck if anyone betting in the race.

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18 Mar 2023 08:25:31
Just seen that Rouge Vif who had been aimed at the Grand Annual but was balloted out runs in the 2:40 Kempton today.

May be worth a look, however with my selections doing badly 3 of the 4 days of the festival tread carefully

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